Justin Hunt Sloane

Multidisciplinary designer currently working in Los Angeles California, contact for availability.

Current work

Respira Black, Warning Label Posters
Poster, 2017.
Troposphere Warning Labels, posters promoting the release of Respira Black through Sharp Type, all proceeds from the sales of the font go to the NRDC to fight against climate change. Respira black drawn by Lucas Sharp, 2017. Poster maps the effects of climate change on regional areas of North America, data taken from NASA survey.
2x4 & Prada
Extended consulting work for 2x4 Inc, 2016-2017
Working within branding and architecture teams: concept development, graphic design, environments, textile design and imagemaking.
Display typeface, work in progress.
Letterforms originally drawn with monospace proportions and molded backwards into a traditional serif font. The name Simula comes from an obsolete programming language developed in the 1960’s at the Norwegian Computing Center in Oslo. Available for licensing fall 2017.
Sharp Type
Branding, website design, color system, font specimens, 2016-2017.
Worked with Sharp Type to articulate their brand and redesign their website. Fonts designed by Lucas Sharp, web development by Tyler Madsen.
Stage for Warm Up, 2016. Mixed media installation
Stage environment for MoMA PS1 summer music festival. Full size camping tents used as lighting elements. The tent used as an indication of summer activity, and as a gesture of awareness to the global migratory crisis in 2016. Entirety of materials were donated after deconstruction.
Scaffolding chair, pattern #2
Furniture object, 2015.
Components: wooden dowels, recycled rubber, and anodized aluminum. Available for production on demand.
Body, 2013
Self published book, 150 pages, measures 4.25x6.87 inches
Visual essay on bodily function, feeling and limitation. Outlines the history of the body from ergonomic and human scale design to physical oppression and systems of confinement.
After the Museum, 2013
Installation, exhibition brand, weekly booklets, content production and documentation.
After the Museum utilized the institution as a platform for launching new, radical and unorthodox proposals for contemporary art and design museums in the 21st century.

As a contribution my collaborators and I took over a section of the museum as a temporary studio for producing design elements, documentation, and the exhibition process book for After the Museum. Opening up the design studio space into a performative action while continuing to explore modes of production and support.Collaboration with Grant Willing, Jesse Hlebo, Adam O'reilly and Eric Hu organized by Jake Yuzna, Manager of Public Programs and Dan Rubinstein.
Scaffolding chair, pattern #1
Furniture object, 2015.
Components: recycled rubber, and anodized aluminum. Available for production on demand. Lower back support provided by the horizontal back brace.
:) Face Vol. 1, 2014
Paperback, 120 pages 4.25 x 6.87 inches Each book includes a unique 6x4 marbled paper with risograph print insert.
:) Face is a collection of photographs and illustrations shared between Justin Hunt Sloane and Rachel Day. A publication that grew out of an ongoing exchange of images, sent back and forth via text message and email.
The Patio, The Small Room, The Long Walk
Self published book, 200 pages, measures 4.25x6.87 inches
A non linear narrative based on the translation of a dream written down immediately after waking. The work reflects the often overlooked and seemingly meaningless moments embedded in the human subconscious; cartoons, scraps of ads and banal views of the American household.
Utility chair
Furniture object, 2015. Wooden dowels and laminated pine.
Pagan and Sharp, 2013
Art direction and design, Layered risograph and laser prints
One of many ongoing collaborations with type designer Lucas Sharp, more projects coming in 2016. Typefaces are available online through Village (villg.com)

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